About us

Hatmatic was founded in 2012 to provide cap lovers with a new way to bring designs to market. Our “made-to-order” approach described below is what sets us apart from other hat sites, and enables us to provide you with your own customized unique products.

Through Hatmatic, you can create your own color schemes and make manufacturing decisions that don’t currently exist in the marketplace. Hatmatic allows its users to play with officially licensed team logos, names and marks, utilizing new and different color schemes to make unique, limited-edition caps for you and others who share your vision. At this time, the licensed logos of major league baseball (MLB) are available for use, although additional leagues and/or sports may become available for use in the future.

Design a hat, share it with your friends, and let the crowd decide if your hat will rock or not! Hats will only go into production if they generate enough traction. It takes total commitments to buy 36 or more caps in a given design (what we refer to as the cap “tipping”), within 72 hours after the cap design is posted on our website, for the design to go into production at New Era.

When you submit a cap design with your purchase commitment for at least one cap, the design is posted on this website. When additional commitments for that cap are submitted through this website, each participant will, as part of his or her commitment, provide us with cap size(s) and credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). If the cap achieves tipping (total commitments on valid credit cards for 36 or more units within 72 hours after website posting), the design is automatically forwarded to New Era for production, and your and each participant’s credit card is charged for the cost of your, his or her caps plus applicable shipping. If the cap does not achieve tipping, then all commitments are released, and neither the designer’s nor any participant’s credit card is charged. Prior to tipping or the release of purchase commitments, funds for the purchase price of each purchaser’s caps are placed on “hold” against the purchaser’s credit card account. Purchase commitments are non-cancellable except in the circumstance in which the cap fails to tip and the purchase commitments are thereby released, or in the event of non-delivery as described below.

Once submitted to New Era, it takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks for manufacturing and delivery, although Hatmatic reserves the right to extend for up to an additional 4 weeks if required by the manufacturing facility or by reason of delay in transit. If a cap order is not received by the purchaser within this time frame, the purchaser has the right, at all times thereafter until receipt of the caps, to cancel his or her order and receive a refund of the purchase price (by appropriate credit to his or her credit card account).

Hatmatic neither designs nor manufactures any of the caps, and Hatmatic makes no warranties of any kind with respect to the caps (including any implied warranties). Furthermore, Hatmatic assumes no responsibility for the delivered caps conforming in all respects to the color depictions on the website, and customers need to understand that actual colors may vary from what is depicted on the website. Once delivered, caps are non-returnable except for reasons of obvious manufacturing defects; such defects would not include perceived color variances or variances from requested cap sizes, and customers are assumed to be familiar with standard New Era sizing when they submit their cap orders.

Notwithstanding color schemes and other design elements submitted by cap designers to Hatmatic, the designers and purchasers will have no intellectual property rights in the designs or any other elements of the caps (including, without limitation, any interest in any of the team logos), and all intellectual property rights are reserved to Hatmatic, New Era and its licensors. Designers will have no right to assign, license or sublicense their designs or any elements of the designs. No representation or warranty is made with respect to the non-infringement of any design with the intellectual property rights of any person, and cap designers will be solely responsible for any claims that their designs infringe upon the property rights of any other persons.

All transactions effected through Hatmatic or its website will be governed by New York law.

If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here or in our FAQ page, please feel free to send us a message by email, or reach out on or .